Branded Content for
Web Experience

We are a Native Ad-tech firm which focuses on premium content monetization, production & delivery.


Native Ads

A New Paradigm for Publishers.
An Innovation for Brands.

Paid placements that look and feel like content and not like online banners that users find so easy to ignore. Publishers monetize while Advertisers gain mileage by providing content in the context of the user's experience that is less intrusive.


In-Content Exposure


Today, digital marketers, brands, publishers & agencies face growing challenges of banner blindness, lower CTRs, lower engagements and similar concerns which restrict the brand message to reach consumer eye line.

Consumers have learnt to ignore banners and demand a more enhanced web experience altered to their needs.


No More Sacrifice

Enabling native distribution & delivery of all forms of content, including videos, photos, infographics, editorial and more that empowers top publishers to monetize while acknowledging user experience.


Technology That Leads the Way


A great opportunity for marketers and consumers of marketing services where talent and technology are brought together. The promise of marrying smart, laser-focused advertising with personalized and compelling experiences that provides in-depth insights which can be used to recommend content and assets across diverse content channels. The end result is direct consumer engagement, at scale.