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Why should Publishers go Native?

Two of the most common problems faced by publishers in today’s digital age are:

A target audience that is not only large and scattered but also fickle. Even if a digital publisher manages to rack up impressions initially, readers are bound to get distracted with the large number of options available online.

Revenues from online ads are on the decline. Poorly designed display ads or even worse poorly targeted content, has over time contributed to banner blindness, leading to lower CTRs.

Connate Native Ads Banner Blindness

Infographic depicting the vast disparity in Ad Spend and resultant impressions

In a bid to reverse the effects of these problems, several influential online publishers have turned to Native Advertising. Starting with BuzzFeed (which in many ways is considered a pioneer among publishers for Native Ads), The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Mashable, and Forbes all use some form of sponsored content.

Numbers from various researches conducted, clearly suggest that publishers are happy with Native Advertising is doing for them and see a solid future for it.

  • 85% of content publishers believe that native advertising represents a new and viable revenue stream.
  • 84% of content publishers believe that native advertising adds values to their audiences.
  • 62% of content publishers are already offering native advertising.
  • 10% of content publishers expect native advertising revenues to increase by 10% within one year.

What most publishers look for in a Native Ad platform are:

A platform that makes selling and managing Native Advertising quick and easy.

A platform that enhances the visitor/users experience through highly engaging and relevant content.

The main objective is to retain journalistic integrity, while managing to monetize and optimize your content space. Native Advertising provides publishers with the golden opportunity to connect big brands of the region with viewers with meaningful and helpful content.

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