Storytelling through Native Ads

Storytelling through Native Advertising

For brands looking to connect with their target audience in an authentic manner, native advertising is just the pill the doctor ordered. Studies have shown that native ads have resulted in 9% higher brand affinity and 18% higher intent for purchase. Moreover several subjects reported ‘’personally identifying’’ with the brand after viewing a native advertisement.

Native Ads come as a welcome relief to digital publishers and brands alike as they trump banner ads in KPIs like viewability, relevance and consumption. In layman terms it means that viewers do not mind spending some time perusing native ad content as opposed to banner ads. Where banner ads where plagued with problems of low CTRs and the threat of ad blockers, native advertisements overcome those very problems by being similar to regular editorial content in look and feel.

For publishers, native advertisements are pretty simply about a bigger bang for their buck. It successfully answers the question ‘How can we generate more revenue per viewer?’ or ‘How do I help brands, get the best out of my publishing platform features?’ Native advertising at its core, aligns the ad unit with the perfect web property making the ads work.

For a while now several brands like NetFlix, New York Times, Geico have been using sponsored content beautifully, to inform, build awareness and eventually convert leads. These brands have managed to beguile their audiences by serving relevant, informative yet interesting/entertaining content in a setup that is similar to their native online environment.

The key to great content is to understand your audience thoroughly, and presenting them with entertaining yet informative content. For example Land Rover targets consumers who are enthusiasts of outdoor sports – not with a Land Rover sales but by delivering content that give more information about a high-profile brand that has street-cred within the community of mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts. Land Rover is using native advertising to speak to their audience by associating their brand with people and products that have credibility within a target audience. In essence, they are gaining brand awareness by associating their image with powerful lifestyle stories.

At the end of the day the brands that win, have managed to do so by using original, authentic content which their viewers identify with.

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