Match between programmatic and native advertising

Programmatic & Native – Match made in Ad-Heaven?

When you first hear it, they sound like an unlikely match. Everyone has their doubts.

Native Advertising the buzzword that has gotten the digital publishing industry in a tizzy. The ad format refers to the placement of branded content within a reader’s experience without disrupting the flow or look of the same. Some brands have used it beautifully to their advantage while other’s are still trying to make the best of this versatile yet tricky ad format.

Programmatic on the other hand, is the practical, algorithmic purchase or sale of advertising space. Often described as ‘’the beginning of the end for all manual processes in digital advertising’’.

So bringing these two methods together to distribute branded content seems anti-climactic, unorthodox even. One masquerades as content while the other relies wholly and solely on data. How then do brands or publishers, reach audiences, evoke brand experiences and, essentially, sell more products? Especially when the real challenge faced by most is achieving optimum scale.

It seems like an oxymoron. If you have a huge audience then you can achieve the oxymoron because your custom advertising has a greater opportunity to reach your audience. The only other plausible option is to develop a standard ad unit that can seamlessly incorporate into content so that it can integrate across enough publishers to scale.

Where programmatic and native can intersect is by leveraging each other’s strength instead of competing, offer high quality content, enhanced relevancy and unobtrusive advertisements at scale.

Therefore, no matter what your strategy to reach your audience it is wiser in the current ad-industry climate to budget for both these tools as they seem to be the only way publishers and brands can leverage data and ad targeting alongside any custom advertising strategy while achieving scale, and, reaching audiences and giving them the ideal branded experience which takes them a step closer to becoming your brand advocates.

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