One Rule to Consistent Quality Content

‘’Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, it is about the stories you tell’’ – Seth Godin

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram having ruled the roost for the past couple of years as the medium of choice for marketers. Though of late smart marketers have changed strategies by concentrating on creating quality content rather than social media calendars.Thereby making social media one of the channels or methods of distribution rather than the content hub.

Thorough research of target audiences and personas can yield results which help marketers mould content into a format that best suits the preference of their customers. So whether your audience prefers to consume information as videos, e-books, infographics or social media content, a well thought out content marketing plan helps you adapt as and when required.

The reason content marketing is so powerful in the first place is that it doesn’t tend to look like an ad — it’s useful information, presented in an accessible, interesting way. “Creative” ads seen across social platforms and offline media passes the entertainment test, but it doesn’t pass the advertising test. It doesn’t get the audience to take the next step toward becoming a customer.

To turn a customer into an advocate marketers need to do much more than just entice them. What marketers need to do is gain the trust and confidence of their customers who in turn will go the extra mile to actually buy or recommend to a friend or family member.

How can that be achieved you ask? Two words, Quality Content. And by that we don’t mean a high definition graphics or a video with exceptional production standards. Of course, these aspects will remain important, but not more than genuine content that builds trust with customers and keeps them coming back.

The key therefore is Storytelling, content that addresses certain pain points for clients for the end-user. That helps or aids in a specific part of the consumers lifecycle.

It’s storytelling which ultimately helps sell the brand experience to your customers and turn them into brand advocates.

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