Native Advertisments & the Automobile Industry

The Automobile Industry has always been a pioneer of sorts, having the financial backing and the resources to go into uncharted territory when it comes to new modes of market.

And it isn’t far behind when it comes to adapting to Native Advertising as well. Companies like GMC and BMW have been using the format quite effectively to engage with their customers.

For example this GMC sponsored article in Mashable.



Like all good native advertising examples,

  • it is clearly labelled as sponsored content
  • it does not push GMC products/services onto the customers
  • rather engages in pull marketing where it engages with its customers, based on its target audiences preferences.

Publishers like Mashable have stated that their readers click on the ads associated with the custom content about twice as much as they do on non-contextual advertising. This shows is that readers are being given content they enjoy, and advertisers are not only reaching their target audience, but that audience is engaging with the advertiser!

Similarly Jaguar teamed with the online blog Gawker to create customized content for its “Good to be Bad” series. The blog posts celebrated the association of the brand with British villains in movies, with whimsical articles like “How to wear a scarf like a proper villain”. Each of these posts got a healthy 3000 to 5000 impressions, proving once again relevant and engaging content always prevails.

Connate Native Example Jaguar Gawker

Gawker’s Native Content for Jaguar’s ”It’s Good to be Bad” Campaign


The UAE Automobile Industry has seen a 16.7% growth in the past year, and is expected to grow even faster through 2014.  Cars are usually a big ticket purchase, where the consumer journey is a lot more intricate than any other B2C purchase. There are several ways Automotive manufacturers can get creative with Native Ads and insinuate themselves in the customers buying journey, to make sure they are top of mind when it comes to making a decision.

Connate helps automotive brands make the most of this opportunity. By using Connate’s Native Ad platform, automotive brands get to bid for some of the premium web properties available from the region to increase their brand reach and visibility.

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