Native Advertising Solution for Digital Publishers

Native Advertising: The answer your Publishing woes?

It is a scenario we have experience all too often, while browsing the internet. A distracting banner with jarring design that bombards us with information which has nothing to do with our current browsing experience.

Banner ads and interstitials are a part of the online advertising legacy, which have plagued the digital publishing industry long enough. Online publishers, when under pressure to monetize inventory have to resort to methods like banners ads and other interruptive ad formats. Such formats and other ad tech have long tempted publishers who are looking to make a quick buck, to prioritize targeting over quality content. Relevant content has now been relegated to second place by the pressure to monetize inventory and increase revenues.

The main problem faced by publishers and advertising brands alike is that online viewers have become much more savvy and resort to tools such as ad-blockers in addition to just generally ignoring banners.

With CTRs hitting the rock bottom, publishers have now started to move towards relevant content that integrates itself into the user experience. Native advertisements and branded content might just be the answer to the woes of digital publishers around world. Facebook and Google’s runaway success with in-feed native ads has prompted other publishers to join the Native Advertising bandwagon.


Brands and publishers have started to acknowledge the need for higher standard in contextual and creative relevance of online ads. Native Advertising allows for just this and opens up new avenues for all the stakeholders involved.


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