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Native Advertisement for the Fashion & Beauty Industry

The beauty and fashion industry is undoubtedly one of the most diverse and vibrant ones in the Middle East region. Personal luxury goods spending in the region has reached USD$8 billion and despite the global economic crisis, the world’s top 250 retailers experienced a 41.7% sales increase in the Middle East and North Africa, according to a 2012 report by Deloitte. And, in what should come as a surprise to no one, approximately one-third of the global Haute Couture clientele stems from the Middle East.




Around the world fashion and beaty publishers have a very strong and loyal viewer base. Most of these are extremely active in the form of social media followers & influential bloggers. On the international scene publishers like Conde Nast have done an excellent job of reaching out to their audience with ad content that blends seamlessly with their editorial.




Hearst launched content ad campaigns for Lancôme on The Pinterest-like ad is an interactive selection of images, skin care tips and blog content from 12 bloggers. Users will roll over a portrait of each blogger to reveal #bareselfie images of the bloggers taken after using the Lancôme product, quotes from their individual “skin stories,” or further info about the product.


Similarly, Teen Vogue has teamed up with Instagram influentials to have Instagram fashion shows, where they model clothing and accessories of various different brands.

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With a vast and influential audience base, Connate can help Middle Eastern fashion brands make the most of this opportunity. By using Connate’s Native Ad platform, brands get to bid for some of the premium web properties available from the region to increase their brand reach and visibility.Visit our website and see how we can help you moentize premium web properties to reach to any niche audience

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