Content Marketing in the Middle East

In the past few years the Middle East has seen an unprecedented growth in Digital Marketing in, whether it is the scale of campaigns or the budgets associated with them. The region has recognized the value of communicating with it customers by identifying effective online channels.

But where does it stand when it comes to Content Marketing? A recent survey shows that the region’s marketers are rapidly turning towards Content Marketing as a key focus of their digital marketing efforts. The report finds that 69% of marketers interviewed view content marketing as ‘very important’ to their marketing efforts, with 74% expecting to increase their content marketing budgets this year – and 31% reporting it would grow to be up to half of their entire digital budget.

Content Marketing has been responsible for much of the marketing ‘buzz’ for at least two years and now it has finally become a recognized discipline which any savvy marketer needs to adopt into their strategy.

Whilst marketers in the region see the importance of Content Marketing, they are held back by obstacles such as budget, measuring ROI and inadequate resources; this is especially true for creating multilingual content, where lack of time and issues with quality assurance create the biggest hurdles. Marketers need to bear in mind that the web is a multilingual platform, and rather than facing the uphill struggle to produce content in additional languages.

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