Native Article by Netflix and the Atlantic for House of Cards

3 Signs that Native Advertising is evolving

The recent Super Bowl, goes to show that there is still an audience for commercials. Social Media feeds were flooded by favourite super bowl spots, where sharing and commenting on them had in itself become a competitive event. This is exactly the kind of sentiment brands should be vying to elicit from their consumers.

There is no dearth of research showing a strong relation between contextually relevant content and engaged consumers. The key as always lies in carefully curated content for the target consumer, chameleon-like in appearance; blending into environments as unique and diverse as Twitter, Pinterest, Online Newspapers and even YouTube.

Here are 3 recent examples of how brands are breaking the mold and successfully connecting with their audiences.

  1. NetFlix’s Native Ads to promote ‘House of Cards’

This isn’t NetFlix’s first outing with Native Ads. Their earlier venture with the New York Times for runaway hit ‘Orange is the New Black’, is often touted as the best use of Native Advertising. For the upcoming season of the ‘House of Cards’, Netflix and the Atlantic debuted ‘The Ascent’, an article covering the first couples of America, keeping in line with the theme of the show.

Native Article by Netflix and the Atlantic for House of Cards

The piece, as interesting as it is, goes to show how a well-produced piece of content can resonate with your target audience. Another win for Netflix and a step away for the Atlantic from their Scientology debacle two years ago.

  1. Jerry Seinfeld and Acura

Jerry Seinfeld’s hit web-series ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’, is sponsored by Acura. Each episode involves Seinfeld picking up one of his comedian pals in a vintage car (never an Acura!) and follows them through the day as they reflect on their careers and lives. Each week an Acura is strategically placed near one of the coffee spots, where Seinfeld makes fun of the traditional inorganic placement of the car.

Acura couldn’t have gotten a better deal. The series has been stream 40 million times, since its debut in 2012!

  1. Modern Family’s ‘Connection Lost’ Episode and FaceTime

This is probably one of the best truly organic product placements ever. The entire episode revolves around Claire Dunphy, the family matriarch using apps on her MacBook Pro to communicate with her family.

The surprisingly funny and incredibly effective episode, features FaceTime, iTunes, iPhoto and even non Apple products like Facebook, Google and Instagram.

What’s the best part? Apple did not pay a cent to be featured on the episode, the idea was entirely the show co-creator, Steve Levitan’s idea. The episode is the perfect example of how technology dependent today’s culture is without harping too much about Apple.

As always keeping your target audience as the primary focus pays off for these brands. To know how Connate can help in creating seamless in-feed native experiences for you as a publisher visit our websiteat

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